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the geographical center of korea
Yanggu, where the artistic soul of painter Park Soo Geun is alive and located on the way to Mt. Geumgang, is welcoming your visit. Yanggu is a clean and lively district now transforming into the first ecological environmental city, the local educational city and the city of high-quality life. Visit Yanggu anytime!

You may come for the sights or leisure. You may come to visit your family in military. You may come to live here. Yanggu will offer you great memories and become your hometown where you can feel fresh and warm. If you come to Yanggu, you will become 10 years younger. Come often to recharge your youth and health.

Thank you.
38 Gwangongseo-ro Yanggu_eup Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do korea 24522 TEL:+82-33-481-2191